Faculty Development

The faculty development component of National University's evidence based practice (EBP) program is designed to increase knowledge, skills, and behaviors associated with EBP, and to focus on methods to incorporate evidence based practices and skills into teaching, learning, and clinical practice.

Our faculty in all three colleges can take advantage of:


The EBP OWLS (One-Hour Webinars, Lectures, and Sessions) is a unique opportunity for all faculty, staff, administrators and residents to learn how their experience and responsibility can be translated to knowledge that can benefit academics, health care practice and professional responsibilities. Three OWLs on research related topics will be planned annually. To be added to the OWLs email list, contact Dr. Thomas Grieve at  tgrieve@nuhs.edu .

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Previous OWLs

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Online Resources

Webinars, training, tutorials, webliographies, and more. 

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