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Are you (or someone you know) interested in participating in a research study?

There are currently no research studies at the National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) actively recruiting volunteer participants.

For more information about the importance of volunteering to participate in clinical research studies, please watch the video from the National Institutes of Health or read on.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering for research at NUHS or would like to be contacted about future studies you may reach our Clinical Studies Office directly at (630) 889-6849 or complete the form below.

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What Are Clinical Studies?

Clinical studies are medical research studies that involve human participants who volunteer to help increase overall medical knowledge in a field. The primary fields of study at NUHS may include therapies that involve chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture and oriental medicine, or massage therapy. These studies may be conducted to investigate a variety of manual therapies, procedures, devices, or supplements for a specific condition or problem. Some of these studies may compare therapies, test how much therapy is appropriate, or determine whether or not a therapy is effective for a specific condition.

Why Participate?

Participants are helping others with the same condition or problem. Whether or not a participant receives individual relief during a study, the knowledge gained will help the medical community determine a best course of treatment in the future.

Who Can Participate?

Every clinical study conducted has a specific set of criteria that were pre-determined for that study. Some studies look for participants with a specific condition or healthy subjects, some studies are for adults and others children. No matter the criteria all potential participants are usually asked to undergo an initial telephone screening process to determine eligibility for that study. During that call a Research Assistant will be able to share some initial information about the details of that particular study to help you determine if you would like to attend an initial exam visit.

How Are Participants Protected?

All research conducted at NUHS must first be approved by the NUHS Research Committee and the NUHS Institutional Review Board (IRB). This process assures that all research has been properly assessed for both scientific merit and protection of human participants. Specifically, the IRB is made up of physicians, researchers, and community members who strive to ensure that all research is ethically conducted and that the safety and security of all participants is foremost. If you choose to attend an initial study visit for a clinical study, a trained Research Assistant will first obtain your informed consent for participation. During this process you will be informed about the reason for the study, procedures involved, time commitment, risks and benefits of participation, costs or reimbursements if applicable, and protection of confidential information.

How Long Do Clinical Studies Last?

The length of a clinical study varies and is dependent on how that particular study has been set-up. If you choose to volunteer for a study, time commitment is one of the first things that will be discussed with you prior to deciding if participation is right for you.

What Does It Cost To Participate?

The National University of Health Sciences does not charge volunteers for participation in a clinical study. In fact in most cases, the therapy being studied is offered at no cost to participants. Some studies may also offer compensation for time or travel; this varies from study to study.

Where Are The Clinical Studies Conducted?

All study visits are typically done in Lombard, IL at the Whole Health Center on the campus of the National University of Health Sciences at 200 E. Roosevelt Road, Bldg B.

How Do You Learn More?

If you would like to learn more now or be added to a future study volunteer list please call our Clinical Studies Office at (630) 889-6849. Or fill out the web form above and we will call you at your convenience.

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