Medical Insurance

Full-time employees are eligible for health, dental, and vision insurance. Read more about these and other options below. 

Health Insurance

BlueCross BlueShield logo Health insurance is offered through BlueCross BlueShield and is effective the first of the month immediately following the date of hire. For information on our provider, visit .

Employees can choose one of the following plans (fee listed is per pay period):

BlueCross BlueShield PPO
Employee only: $61.42
Employee & Spouse: $130.76
Employee & Child(ren): $126.49
Employee & Family: $195.65

BlueCross BlueShield HMO Illinois
Employee only: $60.85
Employee & Spouse: $129.54
Employee & Child(ren): $125.32
Employee & Family: $193.84

BlueCross BlueShieldBlue Advantage HMO
Employee only: $59.13
Employee + Spouse: $125.88
Employee + Child(ren): $121.81
Employee + Family: $188.40

Note: Florida employees may only choose the PPO plan.

Lfg -logo Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is offered through Lincoln Financial Group. Coverage is available for all full-time employees and effective the first of the month immediately following the date of hire.

For more information on our provider, visit .



Preventive Services



Basic Services



Major Services



Annual Deductible(Calendar Year)
Waived for In-Network Preventive and Out-of-Network Preventive

$50 Individual$150 Family

$50 Individual$150 Family

Maximum Benefit(Calendar Year)
For Preventive, Basic and Major Services

$2,000(Paid at 90% Usual & Customary)

$2,000(Paid at 70% Usual & Customary)

While you may choose any dentist. Using dentists participating in the network should lower your out-of-pocket expenses. A list of in-network dentists may be accessed at . You do not need a referral to see a specialist.

VSP logo Vision Insurance

Our vision care is offered through VSP. Coverage is available for all full-time employees and effective the first of the month immediately following the date of hire. For more information on our provider visit or download the Benefit Summary (PDF) .

Eye exam frequency is one time per year. Frame frequency is every other year.

Clinic Services

Chiropractic care, massage therapy, supplements, and other services are available through National University's Whole Health Centers  according to an employee discount schedule, with most services being free of charge. This plan is also available to an employee's spouse and dependent children under 19 years of age.

NUHS Nutritional Supplement Program

All permanent full-time and permanent part-time (20 hours per week or more) NUHS employees are eligible to receive a $400 credit per fiscal year to be used in an NUHS clinic.

  • Credit may only be used toward supplement purchases. Supplement prices will continue to be offered to employees at NUHS' cost plus $1.00 per item (this aids in offsetting shipping and handling charges).
  • $60 of the $400 credit may be used toward the Base Line Whole Health Lab Package per fiscal year (Package includes the following tests: CBC with differential, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Lipid Screening and High Sensitivity C Reactive Protein).

Eligibility and rules for the NUHS Nutritional Supplement Program are as follows:

  • Must be employed a minimum of nine (9) months during the prior fiscal year to be eligible for the $400 credit. Please check with Human Resources if you have questions regarding eligibility.
  • Employees must be seen in an NUHS clinic and an NUHS clinician must recommend supplements and/or testing. Only tests included in the Base Line Whole Health Lab Package are included. (Even if you are currently a clinic patient, you will be required to be evaluated by your clinician and will need to complete the appropriate forms before taking advantage of the NUHS Nutritional Supplement Program.)  
  • Credit cannot be used for anyone other than the employee, cannot be transferred to another employee, and cannot be carried over to a future fiscal year. No monetary value will be given to an employee if the credit is not used within the appropriate fiscal year.

To enroll in the NUHS Nutritional Supplement Program, please fill out the application available at the NUHS clinic. Employees will not be eligible to receive the $400 credit until the application is completed.  Credit cannot be used on purchases prior to enrollment in the program.

For more details, please contact Human Resources at 630-889-6878 or .

Flexible Benefit Plan

The Flexible Benefit Plan offers the opportunity to lower your federal and state income taxes, which results in more spendable take-home pay. The plan allows you to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for non-reimbursable health costs and dependent care costs. It also allows your contribution for health insurance to be paid on a pre-tax basis.

The Flexible Benefit Plan permits you to elect to apply a portion of your compensation toward any of the following benefits:

  1. Unreimbursed health, dental, and vision care expenses for treatment of yourself, your legally married spouse, your unmarried dependent children, and any dependent parents who are permanently living with you;
  2. Dependent care expenses for child care or care for disabled or incapacitated family members living with you, so as to enable you to leave them and work; and,
  3. Your share of the premiums for coverage under your employer's group health and dental plan.

You may elect to apply up to $2,500 medical, and $5,000 for dependent care ($2,500 for married participants filing separate income tax returns) of your compensation toward the benefits described in items 1 and 2 above in any plan year. Not less than $100 per plan year can be elected to be redirected from compensation toward benefits under the Flexible Benefit Plan.

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